What We're About: We are a value-added processing company that specializes in marketing edible sunflower and bird food products. With over 50 years combined experience in the sunflower industry, we are proud to be considered a top-notch establishment in the sunflower processing community. Our Edible product lines include large in-shell confection seeds and dehulled sunflower kernels for human consumption. We also specialize in the production of sunflower chips and pieces, as well as, in-shell sunflowers for bird food.

Mission: "To benefit our families, and families throughout the world, by providing a safe and healthy product, one sunflower seed at a time." We are proud to be in the sunflower processing business and our number one priority is to satisfy all of our customer's wants and needs by offering you the highest quality seeds available. You will never regret doing business with us because, just like you, we like nice things too. We will provide you with the quality seeds and the quality service you deserve, at the most affordable price. Get rid of all your stress and headaches by Contacting Us and letting us take care of all your sunflower needs.

Our Vision: To continue strengthening our existing relationships with local farmers and customers while reaching out and establishing relationships with customers abroad. Our local farmers and customers are vital components to our operation and without their valued contributions our success would not be possible. Our vision is to continue our success both domestically and internationally by offering the highest quality seeds provided to us by the finest farmers in the nation. Contact Us today and find out for yourself why Advanced Sunflower is a quality guaranteed company with quality products.

Our Success: Our company takes pride in the development of our close working relationships with growers in South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, and Nebraska, as well as Edible and Bird food customers across the United States and worldwide. Operating out of South Dakota has given us a competitive advantage because our state has been the leading producer of sunflower seeds in the U.S. for two consecutive years. With our close proximity to the sunflower producing region, we have positioned ourselves with the ability to provide the finest quality sunflower products to our customers at a lower price. Our state of the art processing facilities in Huron and Redfield have also facilitated our ability to meet higher production levels while keeping costs down, which has allowed us to offer our customers the most affordable prices on our quality seeds.

Thanks to our growers and production team, our company has been certified by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQF), and all of our products have also been Kosher certified. Advanced Sunflower is also a proud member of the National Sunflower Association and Wild Bird Feeding Industry